First result with my Leap Motion Controller: Simple PPT Control App

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

This video shows our application to controll a PowerPoint presentation with the Leap Motion Controler. It is a small part of our Motion Sense Suite, developed by students of the VRlab Reutlingen project.

“Motion Sense” is the name of a project, startet in the summer semester 2013 by Arkadius Weister and Stanislas Mauser. In this project we develop a application suite with C#, called “Motion Sense Suite”.
Our application suite use multiple tracking devices as input (Microsoft Kinect, Asus Xtion and the Leap Motion). Based on the conditions and limitations of the devices, we implemented different gestures approaches, to do the same job in multiple ways.
One goal is to compare the efficiency of the different ways, interacting touchless with applications in comparison with the different devices.

For more informations about this project, please refere

Top nine of the most useful plugins for Visual Studio 2012, for me :)

The following list represents my favorite extensions (free) for Visual Studio 2012.

The type initializer for ‘Leap.LeapPINVOKE’ threw an exception.

If you are developing with the Leap Motion and get the exception: “The type initializer for ‘Leap.LeapPINVOKE’ threw an exception.”, than you

  • have not added all *.dll files from the “/LeapSDK/lib/[x86 or x64]/” directory to the debug folder of your C# project
  • have added the wrong .dll files. For Example: If you have copied all the x64 dll files, but Visual Studio compiles the project in the x86 architecture, you also get this exception.

The solution is to simply copy all these *.dll files to “…/<YourProject>/bin/Debug/” resp. to change the x64 dll files with the x86 dll files (or vice versa).

‘-671′ is not a valid value for property ‘Width’ – Error message in Visual Studio 2012

Good morning Windows, can I continue on programming on my Xtion Pro control application?
… NO!! :)
Microsoft Visual Studio error message width -671

If you get this message, don´t be scared. The following three steps will solve the problem.

Step 1: Download and install the Process Monitor (in my case, version 3.03).
Step 2: Search the negative width value in the Process Monitor, in my case -671.
Process Monitor search result for width error
Step 3: Change the wrong value in the Windows Registry. To do this, right click the search result in the Process Monitor and click “Jump To …”. Now double click the registry String in the Registry Editor and change the negative values to any positive values. I changed them to 800 and 400.
Registry Editor

And done! The problem is solved :)

My new project: Motion Sensing! (Xtion / Kinect)

Is the productive use of controlling applications via Hand gestures already suitable? A practical comparison of the possible productive usage of the Microsoft Kinect in contrast to the newer Asus Xtion Pro. Our Use Case is to control applications with up to five fingers and gestures known from devices like the iPad, but without touching anything.

In this Masterproject, Arkadius Weister and Stanislas Mauser work on an application, based on our first test run “the FacePuzzle version 2 application“, that use Motion Sensing devices to control other applications like a tomography visualizer or a simple image viewer application. The core idea is to translate the gestures to ordinary Multi-Touch gestures and works like a layer over the third party application.

In this Project we want to analyze, whether the available technical Hardware is already suitable for productive working. Therefore we develop an own software solution, written in C# under usage of the OpenNI SDK. We use especially the OpenNI SDK to be able to use the Kinect and the Xtion with the same application.
Moreover for this evaluation question we compare multiple Motion Sense devices. Our primary focus is on the Microsoft Kinect and the Asus Xtion Pro, but beyond these two devices we added the new Leap controller to our project scope. 20130309_Kinect_Xtion_Leap_0086By adding the Leap device to our scope, we are able to compare two variations of the PrimeSense technology, with just different technical specifications and a totally other implementation of recording gestures.

Remark: The Xtion Pro camera is faster than the Kinect and has a higher resolution. But both have the PrimeSense technology inside. At this time, we don´t know how the Leap device technically is implemented.

So the Hope is, to give any answer to the question: We need better hardware of PrimeSense devices? We need totally other devices like the Leap? Or a good software implementation with our availably hardware is already sufficiently?

On These questions and more we two want to move on the next few months!



My Leap controller is arrived

The new Leap controller is arrived. Now I can extend my University project to program the application for tree and now just for two devices :)



GoOut - Studieren im Ausland – unter der Kampagne „Go out – Studieren weltweit”

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Bachelor-Thesis: “Coordination and control of projects — from proposal preparation to testing phase — by processes, suitable documents and tools” in cooperation with the Reutlingen University and Capgemini Deutschland GmbH

From March 2012 to August 2012 I worked on my Bachelor Thesis in cooperation with Capgemini, in stuttgart.

Supervising Professor: Prof. Dr. Frank Dopatka

Written by: Stanislas Mauser

Hochschule Reutlingen – Reutlingen University
Faculty of computer science
Study program of Media and Communication computer science

No full-text available, because of Company internals :(

Scientific paper: Cost estimation in agile projects: Planless?

Paper for the lecture “Seminar Selected Topics” (short: SAT) in the Sommer semester 2011.

Supervising Teacher: Prof. Dr. Frank Dopatka

Written by: Stanislas Mauser
Hochschule Reutlingen – Reutlingen University
Faculty of computer science
Study program of Media and Communication computer science

Kostenschätzung in agilen Projekten: Planlos?


The software development is the topic of agile methods more and more common. Especially, those aspects of the cost estimation are important, but which does not receive sufficient attention.

In this paper are different Agile techniques for effort and cost estimation are presented and their pros and cons discussed.

Full-text: Click here…

COMMUNICATION_ERROR – Semester project for the lecture Computer Graphics in WS 2011/2012

In the Winter semester 2011/2012 we created a computer animated video, for the lecture Computer Graphics.

The result you can see on YouTube :)

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

The meta topic was: “How to talk to a Computer”.

This is a project by:

  • K. Atvur,
  • F. Fritz,
  • A. Laich,
  • S. Mauser,
  • D. O’Grady,
  • G. Rauhöft and
  • N. Stumpp.